Sunday, August 5, 2012

The (My) Sickness

  The term My, is really an alias synonym for Our or The World. For if you dawned a T-Shirt for "Cycling for my Sickness," The 'my' becomes you, as you are the wielder of power who bares the symbol.

    A spy in pain view, so to speak, for all the citizenry to perceive without mirrors, media or smoke. In order to persuade others not only to care, but also to communicate, to share their story. Healing of grievous wounds often begins with a tale of woe to a trusted friend. For you see, we all suffer from a condition, a sickness if you will, that of the human condition. Each and every one of us has a different story of various degrees of sorrow and perseverance to share with one another, embraced in triumph of survival.

   So when you launch your browser and log over to Cycling for my Sickness, know that I am for you! I am just a humble broken poet attempting to inspire all virtue in living for love and equality where I can.

In earnest anticipation of,