Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unbecoming Invisible

Small Town Syndrome,

     I've never been highly motivated to be involved in the social scene of contriving to be 'cool,' but I must now endeavour to carve myself a niche in society. Not in such drastic measures of re-attempting a career, no nothing that dramatic.

    If what I believe is really true, that some nearly dead chivalrous thing I have to say, have said, will say, shall benefit others for hope's sake... Then I shall have to unbecome invisible. For my thousand poems, five thousand tweets, youtube dialogues sit there unread, unlistened to and unwatched.

     So September 1st, of this 2012, I will be moving into Vancouver to build a social network in order that sponsors and awareness might be raised for the chosen cause; Eating Disorders. There is a selfish hope of course in all of this, though I make every attempt to snuff it out. It is my own hope, that I might incur a real friend or two...

    Humble yourself oh invisible one, boast in no accomplishment, lest pride seep in! Make every effort to write until dry, though everything has been said before, remix the world's words to inspire hope & self worth. Strain your every mental muscle until the Judas is eclipsed inside. All that I do, I do it invisible; remaining true to who I abandoned myself verbally before the world to be.

    Sorry bout that, relapsed into the poetic, thus my prose comes out infused with a melodic passion. So September! Vancouver, watch out, this strapping young lad is coming at you on behalf of something greater than himself.

In earnest anticipation of,