Sunday, September 29, 2013

777 Schizophrenic Lost Diagnosis

Deficit response
Affection disorder
Observation incomplete
Lost diagnostic papers
Machine must apprehend
Scientific battle front

Cold steel hands
Android's iron grip
Geneticist's marionette
Follow the shallow breathing
Signed: Hallucinations
'We're setting in'

Vapid emotional scene
Response turned off time
Diagnostic compass misaligned
Manic machine apprehension quest
Seek & destroy attempt
Made out at sea

Icy mechanical hands
Berserk cyborg threat
Creator  left  for dead
Throttle amidst undertow
Consuming tide of paranoia
Onset of shallow breathing
Signed: Hallucinations
'We're setting in'

Depressive episode
Off the scale diagnosis
Lunatic symptom exhibition
Battlefront test subjects lost
Cortex charted lobotomy
Full metal treatment
Alchemy on hold
Scientific spike

Scarecrow hands
Humanoid fingers
Field leader's puppet
Frontal tap the lobe numb
Shallow breathing signs
Signed: Hallucinations

'We're setting in'

Saturday, September 28, 2013

777 Scene of a Throne

God is obscene
Creating deformities
Gay closet raised kids
Hiding in volatile paranoia
As anorexics unto a mirror
Anxiety freezes the heart
Exterior social life issue
Articles of judgement

Illogical lethargy
Paralysis of conscience
Guilt trip grasp at gossip
Seeds of darkness sprout
Apathy dethroned compassion
Lost disgusting social scene
Praise be to silence
Just breathe

God the Obscene
Conceived prejudice
Homophobic churches
Raising closet based kids
Hiding in volatile paranoia
As anorexics unto a mirror
Abnormal label children
Victims of hate prayer
Preying gay out
Amidst gossip

Ill conceived sight
Paralysis of restraint
Echoed inhumane history
Paranoid bipolar conscience
Apathy dethroned compassion
Society lost in prejudice
Praise be to silence
Just breathe

God the Obscene
Enthroned nightmare
Conceived bipolar beauty
Transgender chromosome queen
Missing genetic helix defect
Perfect birth into brilliance
Born into acceptance
Confident epidermis
She defines grace

Untimely eulogy
Heart felt paralysis
Transgender martyr
Queen stoned to death
Prejudice conceived
By God the obscene
Disgusting society
Apathy until...
Hate wins

Obscene faith
Illogical selfish creeds
Spilling pulpit of inequality
Prejudice harbouring paranoia
Keeping equality at bay
LBGT children hiding
From youth to adult
Waiting out the age
It will happen...

Friday, September 27, 2013

777 Prescription Conspiracy

Inaccessible fortress
Subordinate legion of prose
Articulate nerve blockade
Harmful dialect architect
Ending vernacular early
Word body count
Confer in riddles
An endless ruse

Prescribed frequency
Imagination dead station
Exacerbating internal monologue
Medicated paralysis of language
Swollen event of nightmares
Melange's ongoing ruse

Insurmountable skyscraper
Derivative of language barrier
Castle set in a cloudy mind
Irrational azure twilight
Paralysing open sky
An orbit of bliss
Made of glass

Prescribed osculation
Imaginary acute syndrome
Evolving internal monologue
Fictional medication panic button
Confused language of melange
Sedative befuddled dialect

Impregnable deaf fields
Killing lexicon's capacity
Trench confined articulation
Word body uncountable
Unending illness prank
Medicated to survive
Prescription scheme
A sedative's plot

Prescribed frequency
Imagination dead station
Wish of an internal monologue
Fictional paralysis language
Anodyne initiated horror
Melange hallucinations

Inaccessible enclosure
Compound for linguistics
Word single syllable count
Prescribed medication slows
Conspiracy suppressive wiles
Relapse device of verbatim
Mouse-print camouflage
Confinement methods
Deployed to evolve
A mental illness

Cognitive trap

Thursday, September 26, 2013

777 Prescription's Declining Mechanism

Vivid delirium nonsense
Conquest of a protagonist
Salient infantry private in uniform
Regular patient of the bomb shelter
Cold sirens dilute all daylight
Distress method of destiny
Integrate lucid anomalies
Gas ruined breathing
Lobotomy's silence
Failure of strategy
Mend in death

Medication on notice
Paranoia attention decline
Deficit lost profit disorder
Monetary guilt trip up in arms
Toxins under forced recovery sheets
Prevail against peaceful sleep
Sinking in a red tide of sweat
Ocean of beads skin fallen
Troche prescription clot
Sedated in overdose
Pills will prevail...

Radiant dementia paradox
Knight in conspiracy's armour
Prominent ghost ship avatar
Upon black stead waves
Synchronizing delusions
Distress method of fate
An illness algorithm
Goad on Melange

Prescription of mending
Paranoia immersion Deficit
Attention's unsuccessful debate
Guilt trip up in arms against sleep
Cover up toxins manifest nightmares
Onyx dreams bleed vermilion
Tears swell under sheets
Where lucid lies dwell
Hindering the healing
Pills will prevail...

Aspiring hysteria salvation
Prescription antagonist's grave
Templar's theatre of war epitaph
Unmistakable aegis fire emblem
Hero's delusional of salvation
Serum into vein pyre ignites
No pill shield ever denied
The illness algorithm
Of a monologue
So numbing

Paranoia immersion decline
Diligent intoxicating paralysis
Six senses on a guilt trip
Trapped in melange
A living nightmare
Lucid fiction life
Losing touch
Pills will...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Updated Summary!

     Algorithymns Poetry² via the Villain of Truth blog, twitter, tumblr and facebook is a digitally distributed poetry project of nerdity, sharing unique experiences through the eyes and shoes of others via the empathetic imagination engine to inspire equality, learning & creativity for the purpose of ending prejudice & bully'n, so that smiles like peace might find us all a way to imagine and thus live a brighter future.

     Poems helping to graph acceptance under our skin, working its way into our hearts and minds so that our eyes expedite less judgement, prejudice and hatred.

In earnest anticipation of,

777 Medical Test Marionette

Theatrical caged doll
Made of paper mâché
Stain glass marionette
Fragile skin docked strings 
Serpents of contempt
At vein play

Second hand medical 
Wings adorn her back 
Black patchwork mended
Surgical pinned on staples 
She's now flightless 
Even in dreams

Hospital fate enclosure 
Amphitheatre of doubt
Vein I.V drip marionette 
Frail porcelain blue doll
Tests chart white stage
Echo of ghosts at play

Second hand medical
Treatment of an angel
Broken transparent wings
Onyx mother's spell mended 
Disabled in disbelief of suffering
Child hooked to ten machines 
Wrestling to be free
In flightless dreams

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Update II Via !

     Algorithymns Poetry² is an innovative project utilizing the empathetic imagination engine of poetry to craft unique experiences upon request via a poetry request form that anyone who can access the internet will be able to utilize.

     Poems ranging from observational, to love, to spiritual into dark, hopeful and melodic realms, all the while remaining true to the core values of The Algorithymns Project. Inspiring virtue and hope through poetry in order to stem the tide of prejudice, bullying, social stigma(s) and verbal abuse.


     Two out of Three functions of the Algorithymns Project are already live, they including daily digital distribution of Poetic Tweets (currently just over 9,000), Prose and stanza poetry (at nearly a thousand poems) and finally Spoken Word Poetry via podcasts (which are being performed at open mic events as well, currently just over 350 podcasts).

     The latest function of the project is the Poetry Request Form, which is currently in beta test and can be found here:
     Its a rough draft but it gives you an impression of what can come to pass in the project's future!

In earnest anticipation of,