Sunday, August 5, 2012

Power Up!

Mario taught me well,

    Today is Sunday, power up day. Like a very dear plumber to my heart, who grew bigger with the bashing of his noggin into brick, spawning a rather odd and large mobile mushroom, he became a super hero! I'm certainly not a super hero, nor even a plumber... I'm  not even akin to Luigi in green and blue, standing tall in the corner with his had on, only known to be human because of his epic moustache, otherwise you'd think him a coat rack.

    Today after service, alone, I scrounged up some of my favourite treats for a salad. I obtain, first, an Avocado! They happen to be my favourite fruit source of healthy fats and are ever so tasty, I recommend them on any type  of green salad, save Caesar Salad. Then I walked down the gleaming white isles in search of Spinach and Jalapeño Peppers, then I also added to my cart one large Zucchini, a glove of Garlic, a Tomato and for my protein was Tofu. On top of it all I put a very special Avocado and Garlic sauce, so delicious!

     A day of rest for my weary bones, time for working on the story blog and my novel(s), which includes the theory, characters and plot for the one I started on the train a few weeks back. Not enough time in a day! But this humble poet writes to dry empty and dry, in service to humanity. May something I am inspire hope.

In earnest anticipation of,