Tuesday, September 4, 2012

City Cycling,Week One, Day One!

What's this!
A Safe Cycling Lane...
This simply cannot be?
Who would let the cyclist roam so free...
I tell you it's the people foretold of such need,
They gathered voted & formed the cyclist creed!
Always nod, wink or wave!
Never fail to aid...
One another.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Delay; Sorry, Moving!

Moving weeks,

    From one park to another, how majestic the display of timing and faith in the motions of pushing doors open as the appear in continuity of life. Everyone's path through the human condition is different, mine has been rather tragic, thusly so the opportunities that open via the various skills, projections and riddles of life are different one unto another.

    Be at peace with your course, if it be so that you find yourself doing all you can for those around you, and thus the growth of self is ever present, a gift of giving...

    Whatever may come is invisible and only the present can your eyes truly conceive, so smile and be a formidable foe of unpleasant people!

    Tomorrow, a real entry about the poweress of the majestic Queen that overseas my opportunities. Until then, smile and know of the truth the world shows you! Beseech the meaning of life from the well of destiny, a compassion dream instilled within.

In earnest anticipation of,