Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today's Torment: Research


      Which Charitable organization to donate the funds raised over the cost of the trip to? NediC, National Eating Disorder Information Centre, or possibly EDF, Eating Disorder Foundation of Canada, or there is even the Canadian Association of Mental Health. I'd like to work with one of them in the future. A social networker focused on continuity of care, public speaking to raise awareness and funds.

     Being a half handsome and healthy target for the world's eyes, though they seem not eager to find me, I shall attempt to project myself, on behalf of those who suffer as I have suffered, into a realm where they might find me at any moment in time, in various capacities, so that the momentary trauma might be lessoned and a smile might besiege their faces.

     The smiles of humanity are what keep me going. Today an elderly gentleman who frequents 'my park' stopped his vehicle as he was leaving. Odd thing was that he parked it in the middle of the lane between the gates. He did so, just to converse with me and bare me forth a smile. His words were of mingled sadness and joy, for he had found me at last. I had not yet relinquished my post in 'my park,' as he had thought. It was his earnest ambition, as is my own, to empower a brighter day for my future. He told me how rare I was, to be so pleasant and nice to be around, filled with charm and charisma as I ventured around the grounds 'annoying' patrons with my smile and wit.

    It is for his smile and the smiles of the civilians of our unequal earth that I sell all my wears and attempt this journey. May something I am, say or do... Bring a smile dancing to the edge of your lips!

In earnest anticipation of,