Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Caught a Bug!

Unfortunately, it was the flu.

     Sunday night the twenty four hour flu but hit the stomach, waking in a gut wrenching torrent of pain that eve as if I were back aboard The Spirit of Grace in her sail along the Pacific Coast to Panama. I had unprepared sea legs, I swear it. otherwise I would have been fine! Ah, that was another life, the memories of an adventure lived by someone else. If only I could have been less selfish, maybe I would have...

     Well, enough of that now, the body is on the mend and I hope to be cycling again tomorrow. Last solid ride was 35k Saturday afternoon in the blistering heat, not bad. Tuesday is supposed to be long haul training ride day, but I'ma push that back so I can get this ache out of me bones with some yoga and lots of water.

     Saturday we sent off a sponsorship dialogue letter to various Churches in the surrounding areas, think I went so far as four hundred kilometres away. Since I'm doing this all solo, gotta start somewhere. This week I finish up work on the public sector speeches and fire off emails to various organizations within the Eating Disorder community and outside. Even if there is no response, I push forward for I know the goal is not a gold metal nor is it a wreath about my head, it is simply the smiling face of another human being.

In earnest anticipation of,