Sunday, August 19, 2012

When you're doing,

Single minded or World hearted,

     When you're at your favourite activity in the world, how does it move you? I can tell you that when I'm at play in the world of art, mostly poetry or music, that I am truly aware of how alive I feel whilst creating. However, when I first started creating I felt only the content of my lyric be it happy or sad... But now I am conscious of a greater realm of joy, that is that others can see what I've artified (art crafted) and not even I know yet how it might move the souls of others. To inspire hope is my most earnest value, though a close second is to dance the lips with smiles where they have long been placid.

    So the question of the day is this; When you are at your creative side, whatever mode to medium you utilize, how much more would the depth of emotion be wrought within you if the craft was imbued with compassion and you found yourself in your most joyful content self-honest experience, for others? Not just for oneself...

In earnest anticipation of,

Ps. Of course not all forms of our favourite activities are for others to enjoy artistically, but for instance being a good athlete is also appreciated or a volunteer... Whatever it is, do it to your best self-ability!