Friday, August 24, 2012

Breaking The Dawn

Friday morning ride, See the Sun Rise!

     When I stop to reflect on what goes on within, courage overcomes my hopeless romantic soul in moments like this. This weekend is an epic trip, I hope to take some photos, though they are not epic for my camera is glued within my phone for I can afford no genius technology to manifest the beauty of our earth.

    Be blessed in your day, whatever the meaning of that word means to you. Know that somewhere upon the roads of life a post anorexic villain of truth rides for hope within you. I am humbly your servant, existing to write and ride... and writing to die, let nothing I should have said be left unsaid when my time comes.

    Should I die upon the cobble stone paths of this majestic world, be satisfied knowing I passed attempting to live what I believe.

In earnest anticipation of,