Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Night Road Rash Part

As people entice,

    I cycle the roads of the earth. On a Friday night when it is expected that a fashionable handsome lad such as myself should be out there taking every advantage of the social scene for my self-gratification benefit, I cycle on...

    If my life should come to wreckage and someone me in the aftermath of a hit and run, they should find my notebook, i-pod playing Woods of Ypres and my tiny external hard drive. Therein is my tale, every moment dedicated to a future I might never see or come to know. But that is not up to me, only the crafting of the opportunity of hope & smiles.

    Tonight I did about 45k, around the airport and back. Stopped at Value Village, a local thrift store, on my way and picked up some fashionables; a classic hat, a sick and or ill shirt as well as a purple scarf (if you don't know, purple is my favourite colour).

    Remember, when the society says 'We Don't ask so Don't Tell,' because they'd rather label you as 'emo' or 'gothic' or utilize words much worse like 'fag,' 'queer' or 'gay,' that you are who you are and they shan't ever change that. Dare to find yourself... In acceptance and live who you are, unadulterated by fear or lack of 'tolerance' from others; for tolerance is really just ignorant disregard!

In earnest anticipation of,