Monday, August 27, 2012

A Value of a Cycle

Today's cycle; a 100k training ride Langley BC and back. 
No beautiful images, just fading memories,
A photo of a building my Grandfather,
He Built it many ages ago,
I remember visiting.

     The sun shone down upon my orange bag, strapped to my back for special trinkets I might incur upon the journey, as I road out in the early mourning; for the memory of what I was to ride by already lingered in the back of my mind. The wise and noble grandfather I lost in 2008, a building he built I would have to pass by this adventure.

   Yet arose to the day's task I did, my reward was an epic pair of shoes,
That's not black and white, grey be them slick wears,
Thankful for the day I return with prize,
No pride, only humbled,
Memory & mourning
Arise I must
To be...
 In earnest anticipation of,