Monday, August 27, 2012

A Value of a Cycle

Today's cycle; a 100k training ride Langley BC and back. 
No beautiful images, just fading memories,
A photo of a building my Grandfather,
He Built it many ages ago,
I remember visiting.

     The sun shone down upon my orange bag, strapped to my back for special trinkets I might incur upon the journey, as I road out in the early mourning; for the memory of what I was to ride by already lingered in the back of my mind. The wise and noble grandfather I lost in 2008, a building he built I would have to pass by this adventure.

   Yet arose to the day's task I did, my reward was an epic pair of shoes,
That's not black and white, grey be them slick wears,
Thankful for the day I return with prize,
No pride, only humbled,
Memory & mourning
Arise I must
To be...
 In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, August 24, 2012

Breaking The Dawn

Friday morning ride, See the Sun Rise!

     When I stop to reflect on what goes on within, courage overcomes my hopeless romantic soul in moments like this. This weekend is an epic trip, I hope to take some photos, though they are not epic for my camera is glued within my phone for I can afford no genius technology to manifest the beauty of our earth.

    Be blessed in your day, whatever the meaning of that word means to you. Know that somewhere upon the roads of life a post anorexic villain of truth rides for hope within you. I am humbly your servant, existing to write and ride... and writing to die, let nothing I should have said be left unsaid when my time comes.

    Should I die upon the cobble stone paths of this majestic world, be satisfied knowing I passed attempting to live what I believe.

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Unbecoming Invisible

Small Town Syndrome,

     I've never been highly motivated to be involved in the social scene of contriving to be 'cool,' but I must now endeavour to carve myself a niche in society. Not in such drastic measures of re-attempting a career, no nothing that dramatic.

    If what I believe is really true, that some nearly dead chivalrous thing I have to say, have said, will say, shall benefit others for hope's sake... Then I shall have to unbecome invisible. For my thousand poems, five thousand tweets, youtube dialogues sit there unread, unlistened to and unwatched.

     So September 1st, of this 2012, I will be moving into Vancouver to build a social network in order that sponsors and awareness might be raised for the chosen cause; Eating Disorders. There is a selfish hope of course in all of this, though I make every attempt to snuff it out. It is my own hope, that I might incur a real friend or two...

    Humble yourself oh invisible one, boast in no accomplishment, lest pride seep in! Make every effort to write until dry, though everything has been said before, remix the world's words to inspire hope & self worth. Strain your every mental muscle until the Judas is eclipsed inside. All that I do, I do it invisible; remaining true to who I abandoned myself verbally before the world to be.

    Sorry bout that, relapsed into the poetic, thus my prose comes out infused with a melodic passion. So September! Vancouver, watch out, this strapping young lad is coming at you on behalf of something greater than himself.

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, August 19, 2012

When you're doing,

Single minded or World hearted,

     When you're at your favourite activity in the world, how does it move you? I can tell you that when I'm at play in the world of art, mostly poetry or music, that I am truly aware of how alive I feel whilst creating. However, when I first started creating I felt only the content of my lyric be it happy or sad... But now I am conscious of a greater realm of joy, that is that others can see what I've artified (art crafted) and not even I know yet how it might move the souls of others. To inspire hope is my most earnest value, though a close second is to dance the lips with smiles where they have long been placid.

    So the question of the day is this; When you are at your creative side, whatever mode to medium you utilize, how much more would the depth of emotion be wrought within you if the craft was imbued with compassion and you found yourself in your most joyful content self-honest experience, for others? Not just for oneself...

In earnest anticipation of,

Ps. Of course not all forms of our favourite activities are for others to enjoy artistically, but for instance being a good athlete is also appreciated or a volunteer... Whatever it is, do it to your best self-ability!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Night Road Rash Part

As people entice,

    I cycle the roads of the earth. On a Friday night when it is expected that a fashionable handsome lad such as myself should be out there taking every advantage of the social scene for my self-gratification benefit, I cycle on...

    If my life should come to wreckage and someone me in the aftermath of a hit and run, they should find my notebook, i-pod playing Woods of Ypres and my tiny external hard drive. Therein is my tale, every moment dedicated to a future I might never see or come to know. But that is not up to me, only the crafting of the opportunity of hope & smiles.

    Tonight I did about 45k, around the airport and back. Stopped at Value Village, a local thrift store, on my way and picked up some fashionables; a classic hat, a sick and or ill shirt as well as a purple scarf (if you don't know, purple is my favourite colour).

    Remember, when the society says 'We Don't ask so Don't Tell,' because they'd rather label you as 'emo' or 'gothic' or utilize words much worse like 'fag,' 'queer' or 'gay,' that you are who you are and they shan't ever change that. Dare to find yourself... In acceptance and live who you are, unadulterated by fear or lack of 'tolerance' from others; for tolerance is really just ignorant disregard!

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Guild Afternoon,

    Charities have been chosen! One for each leg of the tour, they were emailed and now I await with bated breath their response. But that was yesterday, today's adventure is a mild 35k cycle and a massive meal at the end! A salad of course, filled with all manner of tasty health treats.

In earnest anticipation of,

Friday, August 10, 2012

How Far and Away

Proof of distance! 150k training run today.
     After my morning research and emailing training began anew! Recovered from Sunday's 24 hour flu and Monday's subsequent aftermath day in bed. Determined to make this vision happen, if I should die out there somewhere on the road, know that I ended with all the joy of anyone pursuing their dreams!

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today's Torment: Research


      Which Charitable organization to donate the funds raised over the cost of the trip to? NediC, National Eating Disorder Information Centre, or possibly EDF, Eating Disorder Foundation of Canada, or there is even the Canadian Association of Mental Health. I'd like to work with one of them in the future. A social networker focused on continuity of care, public speaking to raise awareness and funds.

     Being a half handsome and healthy target for the world's eyes, though they seem not eager to find me, I shall attempt to project myself, on behalf of those who suffer as I have suffered, into a realm where they might find me at any moment in time, in various capacities, so that the momentary trauma might be lessoned and a smile might besiege their faces.

     The smiles of humanity are what keep me going. Today an elderly gentleman who frequents 'my park' stopped his vehicle as he was leaving. Odd thing was that he parked it in the middle of the lane between the gates. He did so, just to converse with me and bare me forth a smile. His words were of mingled sadness and joy, for he had found me at last. I had not yet relinquished my post in 'my park,' as he had thought. It was his earnest ambition, as is my own, to empower a brighter day for my future. He told me how rare I was, to be so pleasant and nice to be around, filled with charm and charisma as I ventured around the grounds 'annoying' patrons with my smile and wit.

    It is for his smile and the smiles of the civilians of our unequal earth that I sell all my wears and attempt this journey. May something I am, say or do... Bring a smile dancing to the edge of your lips!

In earnest anticipation of,

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Caught a Bug!

Unfortunately, it was the flu.

     Sunday night the twenty four hour flu but hit the stomach, waking in a gut wrenching torrent of pain that eve as if I were back aboard The Spirit of Grace in her sail along the Pacific Coast to Panama. I had unprepared sea legs, I swear it. otherwise I would have been fine! Ah, that was another life, the memories of an adventure lived by someone else. If only I could have been less selfish, maybe I would have...

     Well, enough of that now, the body is on the mend and I hope to be cycling again tomorrow. Last solid ride was 35k Saturday afternoon in the blistering heat, not bad. Tuesday is supposed to be long haul training ride day, but I'ma push that back so I can get this ache out of me bones with some yoga and lots of water.

     Saturday we sent off a sponsorship dialogue letter to various Churches in the surrounding areas, think I went so far as four hundred kilometres away. Since I'm doing this all solo, gotta start somewhere. This week I finish up work on the public sector speeches and fire off emails to various organizations within the Eating Disorder community and outside. Even if there is no response, I push forward for I know the goal is not a gold metal nor is it a wreath about my head, it is simply the smiling face of another human being.

In earnest anticipation of,

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Power Up!

Mario taught me well,

    Today is Sunday, power up day. Like a very dear plumber to my heart, who grew bigger with the bashing of his noggin into brick, spawning a rather odd and large mobile mushroom, he became a super hero! I'm certainly not a super hero, nor even a plumber... I'm  not even akin to Luigi in green and blue, standing tall in the corner with his had on, only known to be human because of his epic moustache, otherwise you'd think him a coat rack.

    Today after service, alone, I scrounged up some of my favourite treats for a salad. I obtain, first, an Avocado! They happen to be my favourite fruit source of healthy fats and are ever so tasty, I recommend them on any type  of green salad, save Caesar Salad. Then I walked down the gleaming white isles in search of Spinach and Jalapeño Peppers, then I also added to my cart one large Zucchini, a glove of Garlic, a Tomato and for my protein was Tofu. On top of it all I put a very special Avocado and Garlic sauce, so delicious!

     A day of rest for my weary bones, time for working on the story blog and my novel(s), which includes the theory, characters and plot for the one I started on the train a few weeks back. Not enough time in a day! But this humble poet writes to dry empty and dry, in service to humanity. May something I am inspire hope.

In earnest anticipation of,

The (My) Sickness

  The term My, is really an alias synonym for Our or The World. For if you dawned a T-Shirt for "Cycling for my Sickness," The 'my' becomes you, as you are the wielder of power who bares the symbol.

    A spy in pain view, so to speak, for all the citizenry to perceive without mirrors, media or smoke. In order to persuade others not only to care, but also to communicate, to share their story. Healing of grievous wounds often begins with a tale of woe to a trusted friend. For you see, we all suffer from a condition, a sickness if you will, that of the human condition. Each and every one of us has a different story of various degrees of sorrow and perseverance to share with one another, embraced in triumph of survival.

   So when you launch your browser and log over to Cycling for my Sickness, know that I am for you! I am just a humble broken poet attempting to inspire all virtue in living for love and equality where I can.

In earnest anticipation of,

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 3, 2012: Friday's Day

Dear Reader, Self.

     Friday we finished up our second speech and revised the first one. We did a full upper body workout in the park, including the core, which was comprised of 3 variations of chin ups, triceps dips and push ups then we moved inside to do my core and lower back. Parent's invited me up to their house for dinner, quick cycle and I had another mother's meal of the most unique spaghetti. Farmer Sausage style, tons of fresh tomatoes and mushrooms with a crunchy loaf of garlic bread, Om Nom Noms!

   Now while I might be vegan, I will not refuse a meal that's offered. Because I believe what I believe to be true and live it in a fashion which I deem wise. Since I will be cycling across Canada, and possibly the world, I find it well with my soul that I have long held this pattern of 'food morality.' Why waste when the malnourished suffer the world over, I will not!

    So in the future, if ever this dream comes to fruition, say no 'sorry' nor apologies repeatedly for not offering me vegan greens. Tell me not that there isn't a single avocado or jalapeño in your house hold. You are already 'forgiven,' for I find no other word to fashion into this statement. Be at peace.

In earnest anticipation of,

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Short Unfinished Bio

Enjoy! Tomorrow it'll have an ending, trial run!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Twitter Feed Lives!

Dear Readers,

    Yesterday was the beta test for training. Today I am a bit sun burnt, which I will show later this evening, but I am no more sore than any other day of cycling. It was also a beta test for Twitter which went over well and is now live @ . All YouTube videos will be hosted on the Villain of Truth's channel, thanks mate for working with me, which will be posted directly to the website. Tonight's video will dialogue yesterday's events, the future dream, the current plan structure and expected updates and additions to the website.

In earnest anticipation of,