Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beta Test(ing)

Because I believe in moulding experiences,

     Today as my first true training exercise I cycled into Norco's head offices to see about my first sponsorship in Port Coquitlam and back after finding out the guy I was 'supposed to see' was out of the office for the day. No worries though, 110k as training and an epic left over home made quasi chinese food made by my mother was eaten outside their doors on the grass of a pleasant grave trail which lead up to a gazebo in pleasant park. 

     On my way home I stopped in at Caps Bicycles, sponsored in partnership with Norco. Why you ask, because I always meet an employee with epic customer service who adores the world, on the road and surrounding it, as I do. Today that again rang true, for indeed there was a gentleman there who was willing to look at my sorry old bike and help me with looking for a matching front tire, as mine is grizzly and haggard.
Jason and crew in Maple Ridge I appreciate ya'll!

Up tomorrow, The Bike Tale.

In earnest anticipation of,

Ps. 110k for a business card is not a let down! Day one, epic!