Saturday, August 4, 2012

August 3, 2012: Friday's Day

Dear Reader, Self.

     Friday we finished up our second speech and revised the first one. We did a full upper body workout in the park, including the core, which was comprised of 3 variations of chin ups, triceps dips and push ups then we moved inside to do my core and lower back. Parent's invited me up to their house for dinner, quick cycle and I had another mother's meal of the most unique spaghetti. Farmer Sausage style, tons of fresh tomatoes and mushrooms with a crunchy loaf of garlic bread, Om Nom Noms!

   Now while I might be vegan, I will not refuse a meal that's offered. Because I believe what I believe to be true and live it in a fashion which I deem wise. Since I will be cycling across Canada, and possibly the world, I find it well with my soul that I have long held this pattern of 'food morality.' Why waste when the malnourished suffer the world over, I will not!

    So in the future, if ever this dream comes to fruition, say no 'sorry' nor apologies repeatedly for not offering me vegan greens. Tell me not that there isn't a single avocado or jalapeño in your house hold. You are already 'forgiven,' for I find no other word to fashion into this statement. Be at peace.

In earnest anticipation of,