Monday, September 23, 2013

Update + Mirage of Hope I

So in advance ya'll get the first glimpse at the finished first draft of Mirage of Hope, which will probably stay that way as I started three other poems this morning and two on my phone last night that need finishing.
As well my mother is in desperate need of some lov'n as she's across the sea from me and going through stressful times with a myriad of tasks on her plate and sorrows no one should bear alone.
On top of that she wants a poem for my baby sister's wedding 7 days, which I can't attend as they're all back home in Vancouver and I'm over on yonder shores in Scotland, my home now. 
So here it is!

Mirage of Hope I

Etymology of awe
Overcome in emotion
Buried unwritten legend
Wisdemonic tide of tears
Epidermis evaporated
Receding shame
Into regret

Mirage of mine
Hope left inside
Land pin striped 
Pock onyx marks
Adorn the fields
Contempt grey

Synonym of forever
Illusionary abandoned saga
Rewritten to hide a symphony
Emitting a wisdemonic crescendo
Sown under wings of angels
Their acid tears sky falling
Receding as bells


Mirage of faith
Sand mine fields
Lands of dreary notes
Pock marked symphony
Locked behind silence
Flame infused tide
Sea of mirrors


Despairing antonyms 
Uncharted bleak nightmare
Discovery of receding cosmos 
Emotional cortex damned trial
Judge authorized lobotomy
Mercy's gone comatose
Before the wisdemonic
Throne of regret

Mirage of hope
Beyond bleak lands
Sandcastle mine fields
Decaying under acid rain
Realm of precipitation 
Exploring corrosion 
Over all devotion

Where is faith...
Where is the opposition...
Who'll lift but a finger...
On behalf of a brighter future...?

In earnest anticipation of,
The Algorthymn

Via The Empathetic Imagination Engine