Sunday, September 29, 2013

777 Schizophrenic Lost Diagnosis

Deficit response
Affection disorder
Observation incomplete
Lost diagnostic papers
Machine must apprehend
Scientific battle front

Cold steel hands
Android's iron grip
Geneticist's marionette
Follow the shallow breathing
Signed: Hallucinations
'We're setting in'

Vapid emotional scene
Response turned off time
Diagnostic compass misaligned
Manic machine apprehension quest
Seek & destroy attempt
Made out at sea

Icy mechanical hands
Berserk cyborg threat
Creator  left  for dead
Throttle amidst undertow
Consuming tide of paranoia
Onset of shallow breathing
Signed: Hallucinations
'We're setting in'

Depressive episode
Off the scale diagnosis
Lunatic symptom exhibition
Battlefront test subjects lost
Cortex charted lobotomy
Full metal treatment
Alchemy on hold
Scientific spike

Scarecrow hands
Humanoid fingers
Field leader's puppet
Frontal tap the lobe numb
Shallow breathing signs
Signed: Hallucinations

'We're setting in'