Friday, September 27, 2013

777 Prescription Conspiracy

Inaccessible fortress
Subordinate legion of prose
Articulate nerve blockade
Harmful dialect architect
Ending vernacular early
Word body count
Confer in riddles
An endless ruse

Prescribed frequency
Imagination dead station
Exacerbating internal monologue
Medicated paralysis of language
Swollen event of nightmares
Melange's ongoing ruse

Insurmountable skyscraper
Derivative of language barrier
Castle set in a cloudy mind
Irrational azure twilight
Paralysing open sky
An orbit of bliss
Made of glass

Prescribed osculation
Imaginary acute syndrome
Evolving internal monologue
Fictional medication panic button
Confused language of melange
Sedative befuddled dialect

Impregnable deaf fields
Killing lexicon's capacity
Trench confined articulation
Word body uncountable
Unending illness prank
Medicated to survive
Prescription scheme
A sedative's plot

Prescribed frequency
Imagination dead station
Wish of an internal monologue
Fictional paralysis language
Anodyne initiated horror
Melange hallucinations

Inaccessible enclosure
Compound for linguistics
Word single syllable count
Prescribed medication slows
Conspiracy suppressive wiles
Relapse device of verbatim
Mouse-print camouflage
Confinement methods
Deployed to evolve
A mental illness

Cognitive trap