Monday, September 23, 2013

Algorithymns Poetry² Update & Preview Poem

 Three more poems started today, here's a brief preview of one of them in it's raw first draft of course. Later it may turn into a second but meh, it's pretty radiant a scene as it is.

     Here is White Body Paint, which reads better if centred, a poem about a lost night in a maiden's life. Not to what, but the possibility of whom in the folds of two. The unheroic knight's intoxicated sexual attempt and the choice of life that comes in the aftermath. 

     It's not about the choice, everyone's life is unique and we all carry our the weight of our own paths. Too many have sorrow inflicted upon us or regret we have to live with, this is an exposure to a night, not what is or what would have been.

     It is a poem based on Delicate Wager, a poem I started in 2009. There is weight in the measure of the graphic realism for so many of us.

     Subject matter that matters, helping others move through sadness and mourning while allowing others to have a glimpse into the lives of others. Hone your empathy, compassion fill your heart, don't channel change... Reach out!

     Understand and thus care for another with a broader scope and wider acceptance.

White Body Paint  

Camouflaged by white
Unchivalrous (k)night's kiss 
Mourning after regret decorum 
Shame's weight shouldered
Mirror reflection denied
Sight of losing secrets
Dementia illustration
Truth held at bay
Requiem hormone
Induces rebuttal
Gene relapse
Of memory

Landscape to refusal
Dissapproving memory
Gland inebriated regular stupor
Lust intoxication vetoed wisdom
Contraception purse neglected
Buddha's belly painted
Aftermath of white's cover
Tears like snow fell
Amidst miscreant cum
Pearl realm DNA graph
Unwanted gene template
Adult choice exposure
Five second rate
Pleasure absent
No memory
Still alive