Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bipolar Paralysis

Paralysed bipolar look up scene
Beauty trapped in fire infused sand
Mirror amplifies the psychosis
Derangement not by choice
Furniture inside deforms
Despite the prescription
Still hallucinating

Abnormal scientific referral
Accepted terms for testing
Abrasive codex of dignity
Accidental manic prey

Bipolar schizophrenic shallow breathing
Darkness of the mind depressive
Sworn to psychosis secrets
Trapped in her own head
Yet she is defined...
By illness instead of beauty

Paralysed bipolar look up cut scene
Life's beauty hallucinating in fire infused sand
Mirror impaired insight amplifies the psychosis
Pendulum derangement swinging inner lens
Aperture of the iris step out head trip

Social deteriorating world view stigma
Surrounded by archaic stereotypes
Stabilizing untimely manic impulses
Sworn genetics to mood frenzy
Substitute deforming subject
Silent amidst testing
Mentally vacant
Lost at sea

Bipolar suicidal shallow breathing
Dark mind episodes on repeat
Trapped inside his own head
Yet he is defined...
By illness instead of beauty


The crime is a choice
View of the wounded
How obscene & shallow are we...
Everyone deserves more
Than a moment's observation
Happen-stance of society
Gossip exclusive judges
How ugly... Are we