Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Update II Via Croudsourcing.org !

     Algorithymns Poetry² is an innovative project utilizing the empathetic imagination engine of poetry to craft unique experiences upon request via a poetry request form that anyone who can access the internet will be able to utilize.

     Poems ranging from observational, to love, to spiritual into dark, hopeful and melodic realms, all the while remaining true to the core values of The Algorithymns Project. Inspiring virtue and hope through poetry in order to stem the tide of prejudice, bullying, social stigma(s) and verbal abuse.


     Two out of Three functions of the Algorithymns Project are already live, they including daily digital distribution of Poetic Tweets (currently just over 9,000), Prose and stanza poetry (at nearly a thousand poems) and finally Spoken Word Poetry via podcasts (which are being performed at open mic events as well, currently just over 350 podcasts).

     The latest function of the project is the Poetry Request Form, which is currently in beta test and can be found here:

     Its a rough draft but it gives you an impression of what can come to pass in the project's future!

In earnest anticipation of,