Monday, September 23, 2013

Meow! A Work in Progress: Mirage of Hope

Working on this right now!
A bit dark, but I'm not there, only via the foot steps of another and wounds of old, long mended, through empathy and into the imagination. If sorrow finds you, you are not alone. Smile for not all is bleak, find the words herein to discover a moment that might begin... A journey undiscovered as of yet.

Etymology of awe
Overcome in emotion
Comatose unwritten legend
Wisdom recedes 

Into nothing...

Mirage of mine
Hope left inside
Land pin striped 
Pock onyx marks
Adorn the fields
Contempt grey

Despairing antonyms 
Uncharted bleak nightmare
Discovery of receding cosmos 
Emotional cortex damned trial
Judge authorized lobotomy
Mercy's gone comatose

Mirage of faith
Sand mine fields
Lands of dreary notes
Pock marked symphony

Where is faith...
Where is the opposition...
Who'll lift but a finger...
On behalf of a brighter future...?

In earnest anticipation of,
The Algorthymn
Via the Empathy Imagination Engine