Thursday, September 26, 2013

777 Prescription's Declining Mechanism

Vivid delirium nonsense
Conquest of a protagonist
Salient infantry private in uniform
Regular patient of the bomb shelter
Cold sirens dilute all daylight
Distress method of destiny
Integrate lucid anomalies
Gas ruined breathing
Lobotomy's silence
Failure of strategy
Mend in death

Medication on notice
Paranoia attention decline
Deficit lost profit disorder
Monetary guilt trip up in arms
Toxins under forced recovery sheets
Prevail against peaceful sleep
Sinking in a red tide of sweat
Ocean of beads skin fallen
Troche prescription clot
Sedated in overdose
Pills will prevail...

Radiant dementia paradox
Knight in conspiracy's armour
Prominent ghost ship avatar
Upon black stead waves
Synchronizing delusions
Distress method of fate
An illness algorithm
Goad on Melange

Prescription of mending
Paranoia immersion Deficit
Attention's unsuccessful debate
Guilt trip up in arms against sleep
Cover up toxins manifest nightmares
Onyx dreams bleed vermilion
Tears swell under sheets
Where lucid lies dwell
Hindering the healing
Pills will prevail...

Aspiring hysteria salvation
Prescription antagonist's grave
Templar's theatre of war epitaph
Unmistakable aegis fire emblem
Hero's delusional of salvation
Serum into vein pyre ignites
No pill shield ever denied
The illness algorithm
Of a monologue
So numbing

Paranoia immersion decline
Diligent intoxicating paralysis
Six senses on a guilt trip
Trapped in melange
A living nightmare
Lucid fiction life
Losing touch
Pills will...