Tuesday, September 24, 2013

777 Dementia Ode II

Requiem of Loss,

     Depleting pastures of memory, intellectual grasp foregoing reality, ancient heart broken angel holding hands as the mental curse stole her hero's synapses blank, fleeting a brilliant mind away.

     Gene cursed pool disturbance, beckoning worst flat line call ever taken, noose of a sixty five year old unbeknownst protagonist of a dementia story, operator collapsed in remorse as the blip blip turned to bleep's failure to respond, no doctor revival for the man who lost his name.

     Death, a delusional unscalable time of forgetting how to draw lines; relief, fallen paper unconventional resignation unto the onyx scythe request once stacked beside visionary writer's chair, medical trail plot unsequenced of an illness no imagination curator should have, finished unto artist's desk nearly forgotten signature, an order not to revive once dead.

     A dedication neither unsavoury good nor delightfully bad to a poet's self craft wire lined in apartment mouldy closet noose, maybe he'd only ever imagined the blight scenario, maybe he never meant to follow through with this lonely ending, no one ever cared to see and no one will remember.

     Depleting obsidian synapse frontal cavern lost cortex way to the symphony not firing an orchestra of twilight beyond risk of a promise to resuscitate. Everything left of us has faded from the shepherds flock gone rogue like a curious illumination of seeking flames' all spark off in the distance, sheep described as black, A lonely villain who drove his angel away... In a delirium of accidents unrememberable.

    Wingless angelic lover for whom no bell tolled, died of cancer in a distant hospital lonely doctors making profit palace of white walls stained read ward, thinking only of the indescribable hero who once lived, vibrant of logical artistic algorithymns at her side, blessing all his endeavours as she passed, 'may the adventure of creativity be enjoyed by... Those left behind...'

In earnest anticipation of,
The Algorithymn
Via The Empathetic Imagination Engine